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Wizard Works Security Systems  is Committed:

  • Our objective for every customer is to exceed expectations by maintaining the highest technical standards and providing the maximum level of service.

  • We stand behind every system that we install.

  • Our staff has extensive experience in designing and implementing gate systems, access control systems and CCTV systems.  Additionally, we are certified to install, service, repair and maintain these systems.  We believe that to stay qualified and up-to-date, our installers participate in continuing education and certification.

  • Every system is designed with attention to detail and performed with meticulous care.

  • Our reputation has been built on delivering high-performance security systems throughout the United States.

  • 79% of our business is a result of referrals.

 About us

Wizard Works Security Systems is Credentialed

Wizard Works Security Systems, was established by owner and Chief Executive Officer, Chester A. Gilliam in 1991. Wizard Works is an end-to-end service provider of complex and integrated security solutions. Throughout the 30 years of service, Wizard Works has developed and installed countless custom gates, security and access systems. Today, we are one of the largest independent security systems integrators, delivering end-to-end security and surveillance solutions from system design to installation and support. Wizard Works has worked with clients ranging from the Department of Defense, Municipalities and commercial/industrial organizations throughout the United States..

Mr. Gilliam holds certifications in the design and installation of automated-gate systems, CAGOI and CAGSD as well as numerous certifications in access control system design and installation